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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia. Hotels
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About Kyrgyzstan

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Dos Tour offers winter rest!

Kyrgyzstan last years became favorite vacation spot of domestic and Russian mountain skiers. After all the area of Kyrgyzstan on 90 % is occupied by magnificent mountains ideally suited for driving both on skis habitual to us, and on more exotic, but already enough known kinds of the mountain-skiing equipment, such as a snowboard, plates, sledge. 

Not only thanks to the rich history Kyrgyzstan involves thousand tourists from all over the world, but also riches of the nature of mountains and foothills, a soft climate. The tourist industry of Kyrgyzstan is focused on various kinds of rest on a nature bosom. Mountains of Kyrgyzstan with difference of heights from 800 m, is one of the most beautiful places in Central Asia - a real paradise for fans of the nature and mountain skiers. 

Hillsides of Kichi-Alay and Chon-Alay ridges have smooth and long slopes that promotes their popularity at mountain skiers and to development of mounting skiing resorts. Lines long enough and abrupt, and during too time - there is an abundance of excellent gentle slopes for beginners and children. Perceptivity of this place speaks, first of all, a variety of driving - here a considerable quantity of lines of different extent and the complexity, interesting driving for skiers of any level. Except skiing, it is possible to visit caves, thermal sources, folklore both museums of local lore and set of other interesting places.

During Soviet period Kyrgyzstan was Mecca for  mountain-skiing tourists, for example, the command of Soviet Union on mountain skiing spent all trainings in Ala-Archa natural boundary and on a place of a present arrangement of mountain-skiing base "Norus" - the most known and most popular mountain-skiing base of Kyrgyzstan. Here are all kinds of lines, both for abrupt professionals, and for beginners "teapots".

It is successfully constructed, and developing the considerable quantity of mounting skiing resorts. The skiing season in Kyrgyzstan begins since December and lasts on the beginnings of April, and the best time for mountain skiing - February and March. However to go for a drive in Kyrgyzstan it is possible also in the summer, for example, on glaciers or it is high in mountains.

For fans to drive on fresh snow  there is a possibility to deliver them on slopes by the helicopter or the car. As ascensions on mountain peaks and descents from them are possible.

Stay in Kyrgyzstan, is excellent possibility to drive on mountain skiing or a snowboard.

Mountain-skiing bases of Kyrgyzstan are very various. On many bases there are lines of various complexities. Practically on all bases there are hiring of equipments and skilled instructors. You have a possibility to live in lux numbers, a junior suite and the standard. Thanks to all it you can choose mountain-skiing base by many criteria. 

Whether you have a rest with a family or in the cheerful company of friends, in loneliness or with business partners, you will find that is necessary for you, and we will help you with a choice of mountain-skiing base.

Mounting skiing resorts of Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you.

Mounting skiing resort Orlovka
Mounting skiing resort «Orlovka» -is a picturesque place of Kyrgyzstan in 90 km from Bishkek. Residing at 2, 3, 4 person numbers. In each number there is all necessary furniture, a shower, a toilet, a washstand, hot and cold water. All lines prepare new snow trucks which operate experts,...
The mountain-skiing base Karakol
The mountain-skiing base «Karakol» is in 7 km. from Karakol (Issyk-Kul area) on slopes of mountains Tien-Shan. The base is located in the picturesque place, surrounded with coniferous wood. The mountain-skiing base "Karakol" is at height of 2300 meters above sea level that promotes...
The mountain-skiing base Toguz-Bulak
The mountain-skiing base «Toguz-Bulak» is located on northern slopes of the Kyrgyz ridge in 40 km. in south- east from capital the of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek city (the top road on a resort of Issyk-Ata). Height above sea level 1900-2298 meters. 40 hectares rolled and not rolled (free ride) slopes...
The mountain-skiing base Kashka-suu
The mountain-skiing base «Kashka-suu» is located on northern slopes of the Kyrgyz ridge in 35 km. from capital of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) in picturesque gorge. Tourist centre "Kashka-suu", has a complex of objects and constructions for all-the-year-round residing, mountain-skiing driving...
Tourist centre Oruu-Saj
Tourist centre «Oruu-Saj» is situated in natural tract with the same name in 35 km from Bishkek  city and at height of 2100 m above sea level. In camp site territory there is a fine hotel. The bar, billiards, table tennis, a sauna round the clock works. The tourist centre has a spacious...
ktash hotel
«ktash» - hotel is situated in 45 km from Bishkek. There is on 200 meters below the base "Oruu-Saj", a new hotel on 25 persons. There is a sauna with two pools, a billiard table; in a bar is located the fireplace. «Kolgokar» - is rope-way in 45 km from Bishkek. It is about...

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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia