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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia. Hotels
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Boarding house Marco Polo

It is located on southern coast of Issyk Kul lake, in  Boz-Beshik village Dzhety-Oguz area, in 360 km. from capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek.

The boarding house is in one of the most beautiful places of Kyrgyzstan where Natural-environmental conditions are combined, crystal-clear air, a magnificent panorama of a surrounding landscape and an amazing beach; here you can take pleasure in a fine resort climate and a magnificent kind on snow-white tops of Tien-Shan mountains. Nearby there are no industrial and recreational enterprises and consequently water at coast absolutely transparent and pure.

"Marco Polo" has numbers of a class "standard" located in two-storied cases and cottages. Cosy numbers are equipped by all necessary for comfortable residing having a rest. The care of attendants from first minute will adjust you on pleasant rest.

All numbers are equipped by modern furniture, shower room with hot and cold water, a toilet, satellite TV.

In boarding house territory there is a source of curative mineral water, and also there is a deposit of medical dirt. We will help you to get rid of a syndrome of chronic weariness caused intense life in megacities.

The meal is too pleasure, and preservation of health by means of eutrophy - a natural and effective method of preventive maintenance and treatment. Our dieticians according to your desire can offer you a complex of a dietary, vegetarian food.

Our experts diagnose and treat such diseases as: a craw, a backbone hernia, diabetes, a myoma of a uterus and all female illnesses, a raising of the lowered bodies, a pancreatitis, an asthma, an allergy, an antritis, a hemorrhoids, a polyarthritis, a cervical osteochondrosis, an enuresis. There is a massage office, spend acupuncture, mud cure

In territory are available: the cafe-bar, protected parking place, shop, a children's playground, hire of sports stock.

For carrying out of your leisure we will offer the excursion program. On a beach - trampolines (children's, adult), and water entertainments: catamarans, water motorcycles, boats, water attractions (hills).

Unforgettable instants of rest for a long time remain with you! In our boarding house all conditions that the person felt completely liberated and free from daily vanity are created. Positive emotions, health and the vivacity received here, always will be with you, and after a while you again will want to return here!

If you have stopped the choice on our boarding house - we will justify your hopes!


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Rest on the Issyk Kul lake, hotels in Issyk-kul
The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia